August 26, 2009

80+ Questions in World Geography: Part1

1. Savanna grasslands are found in:
A. North America
B. Africa
C. Australia
D. East Asia
Answer - b

2. Which one of the following is associated with Argentina?
A. Pampas
B. Baobab
C. Slage
D. All the above
Answer - a

3. Which of the following regions of Siberia is most sparsely populated ?
A. Taiga region
B. Western Siberia
C. South Siberia
D. Tundra region of Northern Siberia

Answer - d

4. The largest reserve of 'Sal' forests is found in :
A. Nilgiri hills
B. Dehradun valley
C. The Aravalis
D. Eastern Peninsula
Answer - d

5. In which of the following continents is Atacama desert located?
A. North America
B. South America
C. Asia
D. Africa
Answer - b

6. Which can provide the shortest route between Moscow and San Francisco?
A. Over the North Pole
B. Over the South Pole
C. Via Canada
D. All are same
Answer - c

7. What will be the correct sequential order of the following four cities when a traveller passes through them from west to east almost along30° N latitude?
2. Suez
4. Quetta

A. 3,4,1,2
B. 4,1,2,3
C. 1,2,3,4
D. 1,3,4,2
Answer - c

8. The strait that separates USA and Russia where they are nearest is:
A. Hudson
B. Davis
C. Bering
D. Bosporus
Answer - c

9. The international air route from West Europe to East Asia passes through India because:
A. it is the shortest route
B. India is the only country in Asia providing refueling capacity
C. India is a busy centre situated between the two places
D. None of the above
Answer - c

10. Which one of the following provides the shortest air-route from New Delhi to Vancouver?
A. New Delhi- London- New York- Vancouver
B. New Delhi- Paris- New York- Vancouver
C. New Delhi- Bangkok- Tokyo- Vancouver
D. New Delhi- Moscow- London- Vancouver
Answer - c

11. The 'Karakoram' Highway connects :
A. India– Pakistan
B. India– China
C. China– Tibet
D. Pakistan– China
Answer - d

12. Water transportation has long been important because:
A. it is the fastest means of transportation
B. it is the cheapest means of moving heavy goods
C. goods can be delivered directly to factories
D. it is the fastest route
Answer - b

13. Straits and canals are important in water routes because they :
A. are some times as large as seas
B. have the best sea ports along their routes
C. are often shortcuts to larger bodies of water
D. they incur less expense
Answer - c

14. Between which countries is Florida Strait located?
A. USA and Panama
B. Cuba and Panama
C. Cuba and USA
D. Cuba and Bahamas
Answer - d

15. The Strait of Gibraltar separates Spain from:
A. Asia
B. Africa
C. North America
D. England
Answer - b

16. The strait which separates Asia from North America is the:
A. Strait of Gibraltar
B. Palk Strait
C. Strait of Malacca
D. Berring Strait
Answer - d

17. Which two of the following are connected by Palk Strait ?
A. India and Sri Lanka
B. North Korea and South Korea
C. Britain and France
D. None of the above
Answer - a

18. Sunda Strait separates:
A. Burma and Celebes
B. Java and Sumatra
C. Japan and Korea
D. Sicily and Italy
Answer - b

19. Shat-al-Arab demarcates the boundaries of:
A. Syria and Turkey
B. Iraq and Saudi Arabia
C. Iran and Afghanistan
D. Iraq and Iran
Answer - d

20. One of the following statements about the Suez Canal is not true. Which is it?
A. It is the shortest shipping route linking London, Marseilles and Colombo
B. The goods carried through the canal are varied and bulky. The goods are predominantly raw materials from the East and Far East and manufactured goods from the West
C. Canal tolls have in no way forced many shipping lines to revert to the Cape route
D. The canal shortens the shipping route between Southampton and Colombo by about 4,000miles
Answer - c

21. Which of the following statements about the Panama Canal is in correct ?
A. Over half of the shipping is domestic traffic between the east and west coasts of the USA
B. The canal has improved the trade of the Caribbean countries
C. The route's greatest disadvantage is that it is seriously affected by fog making shipping dangerous
D. Goods handled are mainly oil, cotton, coffee, ores and manufactured goods
Answer - c

22. Both Canada and the United States are interested in the Arctic region because :
A. it has many minerals
B. it is the shortest route of Asia
C. it is rich in fur-bearing animals
D. of security reasons
Answer - b

23. North Atlantic Ocean route is an important international trade route because :
A. it is an old route
B. it is free from rough weather and therefore safe
C. it connects two industrialized regions
D. None of the above
Answer - c

24.The greatest water trade routes of the world are found on the:
A. Pacific Ocean
B. Atlantic Ocean
C. Gulf of Mexico
D. Indian Ocean
Answer - b

25. The Great Barrier of the coast of Australia provides for that country a/an:
A. abundant supply of minerals
B. semi-enclosed water way for about 120 miles
C. excellent fortification against attack on its major cities
D. connecting link between it and New Zealand
Answer - b

26. One feature of Chinese agriculture is:
A. almost complete absence of horse and cattle
B. non-dependence on rain
C. bonsai cultivation
D. heavy cattle and horse population
Answer - a

27. The lack of good quality land in Latin America is, to some extent, compensated for by:
A. very large coal reserve
B. huge oil reserve
C. very large areas of natural pastures
D. industrialization
Answer - c

28. The country which is the second largest tea producer after India is :
A. Russia
C. China
D. Sri Lanka
Answer - c

29. World's biggest dairy produce exporter is:
A. Denmark
B. New Zealand
C. Australia
D. West Germany
Answer - a

30. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
A. Tundra Region – Lichen and Moses
B. Mediterranean Region – Groundnut and Potato
C. China Type Region – Tea and Sugar beat
D. West-European Region – Corn & Wheat
Answer - a

31. Which country is the world's largest producer of wool?
A. New Zealand
B. Australia
C. South Africa
D. Brazil
Answer - b

32. Which of the following countries is the world's largest producer of rubber?
A. Sri Lanka
B. Nigeria
C. India
D. Malaya
Answer - d

33. Australia is god for raising sheep because :
A. there is plenty of grass throughout the country
B. the warm northern lowlands are ideal for raising sheep
C. much of the country is dry and sheep need little water
D. its climate is god for rearing sheep
Answer - a

34. Australians are able to grow large amounts of wheat because:
A. the fields are large, flat and suited to the use of machinery
B. fields are far from the smoke-filled cities
C. they have a large labour supply
D. of plenty of rainfall
Answer - a

35. A reason why farming is difficult in Scandinavia is that:
A. the growing season is short
B. there is a small population
C. there is a lack of water
D. there is heavy rainfall
Answer - c

36. Cotton is grown in the Nile River Valley because:
A. the climate of Egypt is different from the rest of the Middle East
B. a warm climate and irrigated land are best for growing cotton
C. farmers in Egypt are richer than farmers in the rest of the region
D. its cold climate is ideal for growing cotton
Answer - b

37. Which of the following is the mainstay of the Brazilian economy?
A. Cocoa
B. Coffee
C. Tea
D. Tobacco
Answer - b

38. Match List I with List II and select the Answer -  using the codes given below the lists:

List I (Crop) List II (Top Producer)
a. Olives 1. USA
b. Cotton 2. Italy
c. Tomato 3. Brazil
d. Coffee 4. China
 5. Indonesia

Codes :
A. a1, b4, c3, d2
B. a4, b1, c5, d3
C. a2, b1, c3, d4
D. a2, b4, c1, d3
Answer - d

39. Among the tobacco producing countries of the world, the position of India is next to:
A. US and China
B. Italy and France
C. Turkey and Egypt
D. Japan and Malaysia
Answer - a

40. Which country leads in shrimp (prawn) fishing ?
B. Japan
C. India
Answer - a

41. The largest producers of fish in the world:
A. Norway
B. Alaska
C. Japan
D. Canada
Answer - c

42. The largest producer of Jute in the world is:
A. Bangladesh
B. China
C. India
D. Indonesia
Answer - c

43. Assertion (A): France produces the best wine in the world.
Reason (R) : There is a district in France called Champagne which produces first class grapes and these are used for the production of wine.
A. Both A and R are true and R is the reason for A
B. Both A and R are true but R is not the reason for A
C. A is true but R is false
D. A is false but R is true
Answer - a

44. The largest silver producer in the world is:
B. Mexico
C. Guatemala
D. Bolivia
Answer - b

45. The chief importer of iron ore from India is:
A. Iran
B. Japan
C. South Korea
D. South Africa
Answer - b

46. The world's largest production of Uranium comes from:
A. Katanga (Zaire)
B. Ore mountain (E. Germany)
C. Northern Canada
D. Jos Plateau (Nigeria)
Answer - a

47. The mineral resource which has made the Middle East of vital importance to the world today is:
A. oil
B. coal
C. tin
D. silver
Answer - a

48. The Congo has been an important section to Africa because:
A. it lies along the trade routes from north to south
B. its mines have copper and diamonds
C. it has the only oil processing plants in Africa
D. it is the main industrial area of Africa
Answer - a

49. The 'Land of the Golden Fleece' is a term used to describe:
A. South Africa
B. Australia
C. New Zealand
D. Tasmania
Answer - a

50. 'Abadan' is the famous oil town of:
A. Iraq
B. Iran
C. Jordan
D. Saudi Arabia
Answer - b

51. The 'Vital Triangle' of Europe is the important:
A. agricultural region of the Balkan countries
B. industrial region of Italy's Po River
C. industrial area of the Ruhr Valley of Germany
D. rail road connection from France to Spain and Italy
Answer - c

52. Consider the two statements labelled Assertion 'A'and Reason 'R' below:
Assertion (A): Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway have abundant power resources.
Reason (R): They have the largest coal deposits in Europe.

A. Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
B. Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
C. A is true but R is false
D. A is false but R is true
Answer - c

53. The most common mineral found on earth is :
A. Iron
B. Bauxite (aluminium)
C. Quartz
D. Tin
Answer - b

54. Which of the following is the most industrialised country?
A. Bangla Desh
B. Malaysia
C. Nepal
D. Singapore
Answer - d

55. Which is the largest city in China ?
A. Shanghai
B. Canton
C. Peking
D. Nanking
Answer - a

56. Which is the most densely populated territory in the world?
A. Pakistan
B. Macau
C. India
D. China
Answer - b

57. Which is the poorest country in Europe?
A. Albania
B. Belgium
C. Austria
D. Turkey
Answer - b

58. Which of these is the smallest country in Europe?
A. Vatican City
B. Monaco
C. Andorra
D. Luxembourg
Answer - a

59. Name the most populous city in the world:
A. Beijing
B. Tokyo
C. Shanghai
D. Mexico City
Answer - d

60. The largest of the Nordic countries is:
A. Norway
B. Finland
C. Sweden
D. Denmark
Answer - c

61. The most populous of the Nordic countries is:
A. Switzerland
B. Norway
C. Sweden
D. Denmark
Answer - c

62. The largest country in the world is:
A. India
B. China
C. Russia
Answer - c

63. The UAE has Emirates, the largest and the richest of them is:
A. 6; Fujeirah
B. 7; Abu Dhabi
C. 8; Dubai
D. 4; Umm-al-Quwain
Answer - b

64. Which country would one select to go to get Ostrich, Platypus and Koala bear ?
A. Japan
B. Australia
C. Africa
D. Canada
Answer - b

65. Two lists are given below. Choose the alternative that gives the correct match of items

a. Eskimo 1. Canada
b. Oraon 2. Norway
c. Lapps 3. Russia
d. Gonds 4. India
 5. Africa

A. a1, b5, c3, d4
B. a1, b4, c3, d2
C. a1, b3, c4, d2
D. a1, b5, c2, d4
Answer - d

66. Which one of the following statements is correct ?
A. Khartoum is on the bank of the river Nile
B. Manila is on the bank of the river Yangtze Kiang
C. Tokyo is on the bank of the river Krishna
D. Eskimos live in the Arctic region of the world
Answer - d

67. Match the following:

a. Australia 1. Ottawa
b. Canada 2. Johannesberg
c. South Africa 3. Riyadh
d. Saudi Arabia 4. Canberra

A. a1, b2, c3, d4
B. a2, b3, c4, d1
C. a4, b1, c2, d3
D. a4, b1, c3, d2
Answer - c

68. Which country is not in Europe?
A. Holland
B. Belgium
C. Lebanon
D. Sweden
Answer - c

69. Which one of these countries is not in South America?
A. Peru
B. Paraguay
C. Mexico
D. Brazil
Answer - c

70. Which one of these countries is not in Scandinavia?
A. Denmark
B. Luxembourg
C. Sweden
D. Norway
Answer - b

71. Which country is not in Africa?
A. Zanzibar
B. Ghana
C. Trinidad
D. Sudan
Answer - c

72. Name the largest island in the world:
A. Greenland
B. Madagascar
C. Great Britain
D. New Guinea
Answer - a

73. Which is the largest Gulf in the world?
A. The Gulf of Mexico
B. The Gulf of Cambay
C. The Persian Gulf
D. The Strait of Hormuz
Answer - a

74. Name world's highest dam:
A. Nurek, Russia
B. Rogunsky, Russia
C. Grand Dixence, Switzerland
D. Vaionst, Italy
Answer - a

75. Which of the following is the largest irrigation canal in the world?
A. Suez Canal
B. Indira Gandhi Canal
C. Panama Canal
D. Sirhind Canal
Answer - b

76. Which is the greatest Archipelago on the globe?
A. Indonesia
B. Japan
C. Philippines
D. West Indies
Answer - a

77. Japan experiences frequent earthquakes because it is located :
A. on the eastern coast of Asia
B. in the volcanic belt
C. amidst the ocean
D. on the meeting point of two plates of the earth's crust
Answer - b

78. Which one of the following characteristics is common to New York and Mumbai?
A. Insular location
B. Film production
C. Mountainous coastal background
D. Administrative status
Answer - a

79. Havaian Island were discovered in 1778 by Legendary:
A. Captain James Cook
B. John Cabot
C. Christopher Columbus
D. Vasco de Gama
Answer - a

80. The continent whose southern tip lies closest to Antarctica is:
A. South America
B. Africa
C. Australia
D. Asia
Answer - a


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