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APPSC Group 1 and Group 2 Notifications in September?????? - News Dated: 28/05/2013

APPSC 2013 Group 1 and Group 2 Notifications in September??????

Updated News

Hyderabad: the notifications for Group 1, Group 2 and Assistant Executive Engineer posts recruitment may not be issued soon.  Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission may issue the notification in the month of September or by the end of 20143.  For recruitment of other category posts, the notification may be issued in July.  APPSC now has the details of vacancies in nearly 200 categories in several departments.

APPSC sources informed that they are still receiving the vacant post details in various categories and after receiving complete details, recruitment notification will be issued in July and annual calendar will be implemented.  Recently, Kiran Kumar Reddy has given approval for filling of 12072 posts through APPSC.  Except Group 1, Group 2 and AEE posts, notifications for around 10,000 posts of other categories will be issued in July.
A court case is pending in court related to Group 1 18/2011, 15/2011 notification.  Judgment in this case is expected in June.  Delay in issuing of Group 1 notification is due to this.  Group 2 recruitment procedure is being conducted now.  APPSC is also holding interviews for recruitment of Assistant Executive Engineer posts. After the completion of this procedure, posts will be allotted to candidates and posting orders will be given to them. One month period will be given to the candidates who are issued he posting orders to join duties. Only after this, the complete information of vacant posts in various departments will be known.  There will be candidates who do not join duties and those who opt for another duties.  These posts are carrying forward to be filled through next recruitment.  Thus the notification can only be expected in September this year.

The decision on issue of Group 1 and Group 2 notification may officially be announced soon. APPSC sources informed that the details of vacant posts except in Group 1, Group 2 and AEE will be received by them by June second week.  Roaster point details of category wise vacant posts have to be prepared. This procedure may take another 15 days.  The Roaster point details will be obtained by APPSC by the end of June or in the first week of July.  Notification can be expected by the end of July.


Usha Vardhulasa said...

What happened to that case..? Is it still pending ..?

Naik PS said...

Yea its still pending, it will come to hearing on 19th July!

Anonymous said...

what is da case reg group1??

raju said...

Whether DAO notification will be issued in July last week or not...

Saidul Naik said...

First step for all notifications to come out is APPSC Calender, until it is not out, nothing can be expected

Anonymous said...

request to government to relax age limit for APPSC to 39 years for OC candidates. Please give us a chance

Anonymous said...

if govt decides not to relax upper age limit for appsc exams it will be big blow to thousands of unemployed,who are already doing smaller jobs,this is not british govt to fix upper age limit,like that,appsc is not following the calender year system,almost each notification is facing court cases,so govt should take favour decision to enhance upper age limit atleast 3 years,39 for oc, otherwise thousands of candidates loss chance to write the exam,51years relaxation comes to few of members,with double digit,with this problem govt should not suffer the other thousands of members
sir please fight for thousands of unemployed
Sir, Please give atleast one chance live thousands of us who are doing smaller jobs/jobless. Nobody will fight for us.pLEASE GIVE US A CHANCE...

Saidul Naik said...

Your point is genuine as APPSC is not regularly filling the posts, age relaxation should be extended based on the gap between last notification and new notification, then it can give justice to al1.

Anonymous said...

sir when group1 and group2 and other notifications released.
please reply.

Saidul Naik said...

the notifications are kept off i think, in view of mains cancellation judgement by SC, the issue of new notifications will be a distant dream