May 27, 2013

UPSC Prelims 2013 Paper - 2 Key conducted on 26th May 2013 Series - B


Sr. No.Statement of the question
1What  is  the  central  focus  of  the
1) Illegal mining in forests…
D            Disruption of habitat
2What is the purpose of maintaining
the       continuity      of      forested landscapes and corridors?
1)Preservation of biodiversity
A            Preservation of biodiversity
3In  a  rare  coin  collection,  there  is
one gold in for every three non-gold coins.10   more   gold   coins   area added to the collection and the ratio of gold coins to non-gold coins would be 1:2.Based….
A            90
4A  gardener  has  1000  plants.  He
wants to plant them in such a way that  the  number  of  rows  and  the
number   of   columns   remain   the same. What is.…?
1)14 ………..
B            24
5A sum of Rs. 700 has to be used to
give   seven   cash   prizes   to   the students of a school for their overall
academic performance. If each …
1) Rs. 30
B            Rs.40
6Out of 120 applicants for a post, 70
are  male  and  80  have  a  driver's license. What is the ratio between
minimum to maximum….
C            3 to 7
7In  a  garrison,  there  was  food  for
1000 soldiers for one month. After
10 days, 1000 more soldiers joined
D            10 days

the garrison…
1)25 days…
8The   tank   full   petrol   in   Arun's
motor-cycle lasts for 10 days .If he starts using 25% more every day…
1)25 days
D            8
9A   person   can   walk   a   certain
distance and drive back in six hours. He can also walk both ways in 10
hours. How much time ….
1)Two hours
A            Two hours
10Which of the following is closest to
the view democracy as mentioned in the above passage?
1) The subject of democracy is middle due to a desire to portray it as a western concept…..
C            While democracy is not essentially a
Western idea belonging exclusively to the West, the institutional structure of
current democratic practices has been their contribution.
11With reference to the passage, the
following  assumptions  have  been made:
1)    Many    of    the    non-western countries    are    unable    to    have
democracy    because    they    take democracy….
D            Neither 1 nor 2
12According to the passage, which of
the following ……..…
1.     Companies     should     always comply with …..
C            1 only
13According to the passage, which of
the following…
1. Good corporate governance …..
D            1 only
14According      to      the      passage,
1. if the children have regular …..
D            If the responsibility of feeding younger
children is given to adults
15According to the author , poverty is
not ….
1. taking care of younger ones is not a ….
16The need for policy intervention to
1. farmers are extremely risk ……
C            The methods adopted by farmers and
existing risk sharing institutions are not adequate
17Which           of     the     following
observations   emerges   from   the
B.           No   single   risk-   specific   policy   is
sufficient to reduce agricultural risk

above passage …
1. One can identify a single policy that can …..
18 Consider  the  following  statements
1) A primary group is relatively smaller in …..
D            Members  of  a  primary  group  know
each other intimately
19Four  friends  ,  A,  B,  C  and  D
distribute    some    money    among themselves in such a manner ……
1. A ……
20Which  mode  of  transport  would
help one to reach ……
1) Boat
A            Boat
21If a person visits each of the places
starting from P and gets back to P, which of the following palces…..
1. Q……
B            R
22Which one  of  the  following pairs
1. P and T ……
D            None of these
23Between  which  two  cities  among
the pairs……
1. Q and S…..
B            P and R
24If Y is selected and B is rejected ,
the team …..
1) A, C ,W and Y
B            A, C, X and Y
25It B is selected and Y is rejected
1) A, B, C and W…..
C            A, B, C and X
26If all the three males are selected….
1. 1…..
B            2
27The music director of a film wants
to select four persons to work ……
1. Rohit, Shobha, Kunal and ……
C            Tanya, Mukesh, Kunal and Jaswant
28Five people A, B, C D and E are
1) C is seated next to A…..
29Who does not play hockey..
1. D……
30Who plays football….
1) D
31Which game do B, C and ….B            Hockey

1. Basketball……
32Geeta is older than her cousin…..
1. While playing chess with …
D            Meena is the youngest of the three
33According   to   the   passage,   the
34The  Indian  financial  markets  are
1. increased in flow of remittances from …….
D            Contagion of Greece's sovereign …..
35According to the  passage , in the
1.  controlled  by  the  Governement
D            Dominated by banks
36Risk and liquidity management……
1.  Further globalization….
A            1,2 and 3
37There are five hobby clubs in ……
1. 3…..
A            3
38A,  B,  C,D  and  E  belong  to  five
1. B and C do not belong to …..
D            B belongs to s
39Seven men A, B, C, D, E, F, and G
1. Blue….
C            Red
40There are some balls ….
1. is equal to the sum ……..
B            Is double the number of green balls
41Mineral oil deposits under the sea

1. become rock and prevent oxygen from entering them…..
B            Become rock and prevent oxygen from
entering them
Sedimentary rock leads to the ….
1) There are no saline …..
C            Weight  of  overlying  sediment  layers
causes the production of heat
43In a class of 45 students ,…..
1. 25th…..
C            27th
44A thief running at …….:
1. 2 min…
B            3 min
45A train travels at a certain …….:
1. 24…
C            42
46According   to   the   passage,   why
should the discharge of agricultural slurry     into     watercourses     be
1. Losing nutrients in …..
47The     passage     refers     to     theB

conversation    of     "pollutant     to
fertilizer".  What  is  pollutant  and what is fertilizer in this context?
(a)          Decomposed          organic
48According to the passage, what are
the effects of indiscriminate use of fertilizers?
1. Addition of pollutant…
49What  is/are  the  characteristics  of
water       body       with       cultural eutrophication ?
1.Loss of ecosystem services
50What is  the  central  theme  of  this
(a).Appropriate legislation…..
51According to the passage, Which of
the following statements is the most likely to be true as the reason for
mans miseries?
(a) The poor economics…
52With   reference   to   the   passage,
following  assumptions  have  been made?
1.The author gives prime
53Consider the following figers1, 2, 3
and 4.
In   the   Figures   from   1   to   1 above……
54Problem Figures: Triangle figureC
55Problem Figures: Circle FigureB
56Consider the following diagrams:
X    men,    Working    at    constant speed……
57Consider the following matrix:
What is the number at "X"…..
58Four cars are hired at the rate of rs 6
per km plus….
1)Car A
59Examine the following three figures
in  which  the  numbers  follow  the
B            16

specific pattern:
60A cube has six numbers marked 1,
2,3,4,5  and  6  on  its  face.  Three views of the cube are shown below:
1)2 and 3
A            2 and 3
61How    many    Physics    professors
B  16
62Which    one    of    the    following
discplines has highest ratio….
63What percentage of all Psychology
C 60%
64If  the  number  of  female  Physics
profeesors  in  age  group  25-  34 equlas 25 % of all …….
A     9
65If the Psychology professors in the
University constitute 2 % of all the professors….
66Consider the following figures:
Which one of the following figures would logically come in 7th postion….
67When Jim came home without his
bicycle his parents ……
a.  were angry with him …….. b.  were worried.
c.  Did not feel concerned
d.  Were eager to meet the old man and the little boy
B            Were worried
68Jim returned the watch to the old
man and the little boy because…..
A. they gave him chocolates…. B. His father was proud of him.
C. He  was  satisfied  with  the condition of his bicycle
D. They  were  late  only  by  30
C            He was satisfied with the condition of
his bicycle
69The author asked john to drive more
slowly because….
1. The road led to the hill……
C            The road was not clearly visible
The travelers set out for the town….
1.  They were in a hurry…….
D            The next town was a short distance…..

71The  Travellers  were  worried after
1.  It was a lonely………
B            They  probably  feared  of  having  lost
72A stout Lady was walking with her
basket  down the middle of a street

It was pointed out to the lady that she should walk on the  pavement because she was…?
A            A pedestrian.
73The old lady refusre to move from
the middle of the street because
B            She  felt  that  she  is  entitled    to  do
whatever she liked.
74The old lady failed to released that B            Her liberty was not unlimited.
75You are head of of your office.there
re  certain  houses reserved for  the allotement  to  the  office  staff  and
you have been given the discretion to do so..
C            Agree  with  the  office  note  to  show
76While   travelling   in   a   Delhi   –
registered commercial taxi from delhi  to  an  adjacent  city(another
State),your taxi driver informs you that as he has no permit for running the taxi in that city,he will stop at its Transport   Office   and   pay   the
prescribed fee of Rs. Forty for a day.While paying the fee at the counter you find that the transport
clerk   is   taking   fifty   rupees   for which no recipt is being given.You are in a hurry for  your meeting. In
such  circumstances  ,  what  would you do?
C            Take    note    of    the    incident    and
subsequently report the matter do the concerned authorities.
77A person lives in a far off   village
which is almost two hours by bus.The  villager's  neighbour  is  a
very   powerful   landlord   who   is trying to occupy the poor villager's land by force. You are the district Magistrate   and busy in a meeting
called   by a local Minister. The villager has come all the way, by bus   and on foot ,to see you   and
C            Call   one   of   the   your   subordinate
officers  and  ask  him  to  solve  the viilager's problem.

give    an    application        seeking
protection    from    the     powerful landlord.
78There is a shortage of sugar in your
District where you are the District
Magistrate. The Government has ordered that only a maximum of 30
Kg sugar is to be released for wedding celebration. A son of your
close friend is getting married  and your friend request you to release at least   50 Kg sugar   for his son's wedding.He   expresses   annoyance
when you    tell him about the government 's restrictions on this matter . …………..
C            Show  your  Friend  the  copy  of  the
government    instruction    and    then persuade  him   to   accept   the   lower
amount as prescribed in the rules.
79You are in charge of Implementing
the  Family Plnning programme in the  area  here  there  is  a     strong
A            By logically  explaining to the resident
the   need   for   family   planning   to improve    the     health     and    living
80You are a teacher in a University
and  are  setting a question paper on a particular subject…………
C            Explain to your colleague that this is
would  be  violating  the  trust  of  the
University authorities  and you are not in a position to help him.


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