October 24, 2013

Important Local winds of the World

Air temperature, land temperature, water temperature, mountains and geographical locations play critical roles in the behaviour of the famous winds of the world. Some winds blow strong in the morning and fade out during the afternoon.

Cold winds:
1. Mistral- Blows in Spain & France from N-W to S-E. Common during winter.
2. Bora- Blows along the shores of the Adriatic sea.
3. Blizzard -Snow laden wind in Canada.
4. Purga- Snow laden wind in Russian tundra. Much like Buran.
5. Bise- An extremely cold wind in France

6. Levanter- Blows in strait of Gibraltar between Spain & Morocco.
7. Pampero- Pampas of S. America
8. Papagayo -Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua.
9. Haboob- Sudan
10. Friagem- Amazon Valley
11. Buran -Eastern Russia & central Siberia
12. Norther- Texas, Gulf of Mexico & western carribean
13. Etesian- Eastern Mediterranean.
14. Surazo -Cold wind blowing from Argentinean pampas & Patagonia.
15. Norte -A strong cold northeasterly wind which blows in Mexico.
16. Tehuantepecer -This is a violent, squally wind from north or north-east in S. Mexico.
17. Alizé: also known as trade wind; blows in the tropics predominantly from the Northeast in the Northern Hemisphere and from the Southeast in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hot winds
1. Fohn -Warm & dry local winds blowing on leeward side of Alps in Switzerland.
2. Chinook- Warm & dry local winds blowing on leeward side of Rockies in USA
3. Harmattan -Blowing from east & northeast towards west in Sahara
4. Brickfielder -Victoria province of Australia
5. Black Roller- Great plains of USA
6. Shamal- Mesopotamia & Persian Gulf
7. Norwester- New Zealand
8. Sirocco -From Sahara over Mediterranean. Known as khamsin in Egypt, Chili in Tunisia, Gibli in Libya, Levech in Spain & Leste in Madiera & Morocco.
9. Simoom -Warm & dry dusty wind in the Arabian desert
10. Santa Ana- S. California – blowing out of Santa Ana canyon
11. Yamo -A warm & dry wind in Japan
12. Zonda - a hot wind of the eastern slopes of the Andes, in central Argentina; starts during the afternoon, between May and November.
13. Tramontane -A warm wind of central Europe.
14. Samun -Warm wind in Iran
15. Karaburan -Hot dusty wind in central Asia – Tarim basin, Mongolia.
16. Berg- A hot dry wind blowing from interior in South Africa.
17. Shamal -A hot wind of Iraq and the Persian gulf
18. Austru -Dry blows from the lee side of the mountains in Romania (much like fohn).

19. Almwind -Local name of fohn that blows in Hungary & Poland over Tatra mountains.


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