May 14, 2014

The Gahadavalas of Kannauj: Kingdoms of South India

  • A dynasty known as Gahadavalas ruled in Kannauj from the third quarter of the 11th century. Chandradeva the first great ruler of the dynasty established himself in Kannauj and made it his capital.
  • He defeated the ruler of Panchala and was in possession of Ayodhya and Varanasi in addition to Kannauj and it is stated that he protected the holy places of Kusika (Kannauj), Kasi, Dttara Kosala (Ayodhya) and Indraprastha from the Muslims.
  • He seems to have conquered the region from Allahabad to Varanasi from the Kalachuri Yasahkajna and made the letter place his second capital.
  • He        was      succeeded       by        his        son Madanachandra, who, was defeated and taken prisoner by Alalid-Daulah Masud III (A.D. 1099-1115) who, invaded Kannauj, Govindachandra, son of Madanachandra, defeated the Muslims and secured the release of his father. Govindachandras kingdom extended in the east up to Danapur in Bihar.
  • He        was      succeeded       by        his        son Vijayachandra, whose son and successor Jayachandra suffered a defeat at the hand of the king Lakshmana Sena of Bengal in A. D.1193 Muhammad Ghuri invaded the kingdom of the Gahadavalas and defeated and killed Jayachandra in the battle of Chandawar.

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