August 29, 2015

Bills which require Prior Recommendation of the President

There are certain Bills which can be introduced in the Parliament only on the recommendation of the President such as:
•       A Bill to alter the boundaries of the States or to change the names of the States (Art 3).
A Money Bill as detailed in Art 110.
A Financial Bill (category one) involving Article 110 but containing other provisions as well.
A Financial Bill (category two) which is an Ordinary Bill but seeking to draw from the Consolidated Fund of India can be taken up for Consideration, that is reading two in the process of passage of a Bill.
Legislation involving Art. 31 A.
Any legislation involving items of taxation in which the States are interested or one that seeks to redefine agricultural income etc.
A State Bill that seeks to restrict freedom of trade

It must be said that a Bill that requires the previous sanction of the President for introduction in the Parliament cannot be questioned in the Courts for its constitutionality, if such a sanction is not obtained after it is legislated upon, and the assent of the President is obtained.


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