August 29, 2015

August Offer -1940

Prior to this offer INC passed a resolution  that it will support British in War if provisional National Government is setup at Centre. In response to this British Government made August Offer.

Viceroy - Lord Linlithgow 
British Prime Minister - Winston Churchill (1940–45).
What British made August Offer?- To get Indian Cooperation in War Efforts from Germany - in fear of Nazi Occupation.
Date of Offer: 8th August 1940

Proposals of August Offer:
1. After the war a representative Indian body would be set up to frame a constitution for India.
2. Viceroy's Executive Council would be expanded without delay.
3. War Advisory Council will be setup.
4. Interest of minorities in making of Constitution will be given priority. British agreed to accept that no future constitution will be recognized by the Government without the approval and consent of the minority communities, specially Muslims. This clause was accepted by Muslim League.

Response of INC & Indian Freedom Fighters to August Offer -1940
INC started Civil Disobedience Movement under the leadership of Gandhiji.There was no mass campaign in this movement as Gandhi feared violence may broke out and insisted people to offer Individual Satyagraha.


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