August 29, 2015


Blizzards are violent snowstorm and are natural phenomenon and are violence of nature. They are characterized by strong winds, cold temperatures, and reduced visibility due to falling or blowing snow.

Tail of Cyclones  in Bay of Bengal triggers Blizzards in India and Nepal.

How is ground Blizzard different?
Sometimes strong winds only pick up dry snow that has already fallen earlier, which then is known as a ground blizzard. 

Impact of Blizzards:
1. The wind chill factor is the amount of cooling the human body feels due to the combination of wind and temperature. During blizzards, with the combination of cold temperatures and strong winds, very low wind chill values can occur. Exposure to low wind chill values can result in frostbite or hypothermia.
2. Reduced Visibility
3. They block important mountain passes.


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