October 4, 2014

Quiz 28- Indian Constitution-General Studies: General Knowledge Question & Answers

271 Q) Parliament is empowered to get all the following removed except

(a) Comptroller and Auditor-General
(b) Supreme Court judges
(c) Chairman of UPSC
(d) High Court judges

272 Q) If a financial emergency is declared, what is its impact on the relations between the Centre and the State?

(a) The President can reduce the salaries of all the States' Civil servants except the judges of High Courts.
(b) The President can reduce the salaries of State Civil servants including those of the judges of High Courts.
(c) The State Legislatures are deprived of the rights to enact Money Bills.
(d) None of the above.

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273 Q) The report of the UPSC

(a) is to be accepted by the Government in toto
(b) may be ignored without explanation
(c) has to be discussed in Parliament before being accepted
(d) is presented to the President

274 Q) The provisions of Nagar Palika Act are contained in

(a) Tenth Schedule
(b) Eleventh Schedule
(c) Twelfth Schedule
(b) None of the above

275 Q) Which Article of the Constitution provides that it shall be the endeavour of every state to provide adequate facility for instruction in the mother tongue at the primary state of education?

(a) Article 349
(b) Article 350 96.
(c) Article 350 A
(d) Article 351

276 Q) All cases regarding the interpretation of the Constitution can be brought to the Supreme Court under its

(a) Appellate Jurisdiction
(b) Advisory Jurisdiction
(c) Original Jurisdiction
(d) None of the above

277 Q) The Chief Election Commissioner can be removed

(a) by each House of Parliament by a special majority and if found of proven misbehaviour or incapacity
(b) by President of India
(c) by the Supreme Court
(d) on charge of corruption if proved in the Supreme Court

278 Q) The reference to Hindus in Article 25 of the Constitution does not include

(a) Buddhists
(b) Jains
(c) Parsees
(d) Sikhs.

279 Q) A British citizen staying in India cannot claim Right to

(a) Freedom to Trade and Profession
(b) Equality before the Law
(c) Protection of Life and Personal Liberty
(d)Freedom of Religion

280 Q) The 45th Amendment

(a) abolished special courts
(b) regularised the Preventive Detention Ordinance
(c) retained forests and education in the Concurrent List
(d) extended reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for a further period of 10 years
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