October 4, 2014

Quiz 37- Indian Constitution-General Studies: General Knowledge Question & Answers

361 Q) Which one of the following authorities recommends the principles governing the grants-in-aid of the revenues to the states out of the Consolidated Fund of India?

(a) Finance Commission
(b) Inter-State Council
(c) Union Ministry of Finance
(d) Public Accounts Committee

362 Q) Which of the following are the States in which the Lok Ayukta Act includes the Chief Minister in its ambit?

(a) West Bengal and Kerala
(b) Gujarat and Maharashtra
(c) Madhya Pradesh and Orissa
(d) Rajasthan and Karnataka

363 Q) Consider the following statements: 
1. The Chairman of the Committee on Public Accounts is appointed by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. 
2. The Committee on Public Accounts comprises Members of Lok Sabha, Members of Rajya Sabha and a few eminent persons of industry and trade. 
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both I and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2

364 Q) By which constitutional amendment Panchayati Raj was introduced?

(a) 74th
(b) 73rd
(c) 42nd
(d) 44th

365 Q) Which one of the following is not explicitly stated in the Constitution of India but followed as a convention?

(a) The Finance Minister is to be a member of the Lower House.
(b) The Prime Minister has to resign if he loses majority in the Lower House.
(c) All the parts of India are to be represented in the Council of Ministers.
(d) In the event of both the President and the Vice-President demitting office simultaneously before the end of their tenure the Speaker of the Lower House of the Parliament will officiate as the President.

366 Q) The composition of the UPSC is

(a) laid down in the Constitution
(b) determined by Parliament
(c) determined by the President
(d) determined by the Chairman of the UPSC

367 Q) The Constitution

(a) is silent on the President's re-election to the office
(b) allows re-election of a person to the President's post
(c) restricts a person to remain President for only two terms
(d) has been amended to allow a person only one term as President

368 Q) Which is the most important reason to consider India a Secular State?

(a) Peoples of different religions live in India.
(b) Government works for the welfare of people of all religions.
(c) Religion is separated from politics.
(d) Minority religions are given special protection.

369 Q) Which of the following statements is correct?

(a) The Vice-President of India is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.
(b) The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is nominated by the President in consultation with the Prime Minister.
(c) The Attorney-General of India acts as the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, in addition to performing the duties of his office.
(d) The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is elected by the members of Rajya Sabha from amongst themselves.

370 Q) A retired judge of High Court cannot

(a) practice in any Court of India
(b) practice in any High Court of India
(c) practice in the High Court from where he has retired
(d) practice in the Supreme Court
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