August 29, 2015

Fazl Ali Commission -1953

Fazl Ali Commission -1953
Chairman : Fazl Ali
Members : Hridaynath Kunzru and K.M.Panikkar

After the formation of Andhra Pradesh on the basis of linguistic factor, all hell break loose. The other regions also started demanding for creation of separate states on the basis of linguistic factor. The intense pressure forced the Indian Government to form a new commission to visit the whole question of whether the linguistic basis of separation of states can be considered or not. It led to the formation of Fazl Ali Commission in December 1953.

The commission submitted its report on September 1955 and acknowledged 4 major factors to be taken into account in any scheme of reorganization of states :
1. Linguistic and Cultural homogenity
2. Preservation and strengthening of the unity and security of the nation.
3. Financial, Economic and Administrative considerations.
4. Planning and promotion of the welfare of the people in each state as well as of the Nation as a whole.

It suggested the reorganization of 27 states of various categories into 16 states and 3 Union Territories. The recommendations of the Fazl Ali Commission was accepted by the Indian Government with minor modifications. As a result, the State Reorganization Act of 1956 was passed by the Parliament to give effect to the recommendation of the commission. It led to the formation of 14 states and 6 Union Territories on 1st November, 1956.

Q) Sort the Order of the following Commissions

1. JVP Commission 2. Fazal Ali 3. Dhar Commission

A) 3,2,1  b) 1,2,3   C) 2,3,1   D) No of these

Q) Q) Which commission favored the formation of new states on the basis of language? 

A) JVP Commission B) Fazal Ali Commission
C) Shah Commission D) Nanavati Commission

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